Time Spiral: Remastered graphic from @wizards_magic on Twitter.

Look’s like time has looped back on itself… Time Spiral is back!

Like all of us, I was beyond hyped to hear about Time Spiral Remastered.

Just a few weeks ago, Wizard of the Coast did more than throwing some sweet Commander Legends previews on all of us. They threw a whole bunch of slew announcements. While we can’t really wait to explore the Harry Potter-esque Strixhaven or the Norse-themed world of Kaldheim, there was one set that really caught my attention – Time Spiral Remastered.

If you have no clue about what a Remastered set is, it all started in 2015 with the Magic Online release of Tempest Remastered.  It was really a great idea, condensing three Tempest block sets into one single draftable set. It means Time Spiral Remastered is a new way to enjoy the Time Spiral block as it is going to feature fan favorites from Time Spiral, Planar Choice, and Future Sight, all distilled into a single draft experience.

Clearly, the sort of release was only possible online courtesy of the Reserved List; it got the gears turning. So, could this kind of thing be possible on paper? As per my understanding, the set did not get drafted as much as Wizard would have hope, and the idea was mainly shelved.

However, recently came MTG Arena, and soon after in 2019 appeared the advent of Pioneer. Wizards made a mistake by underestimating the attraction of the Pioneer, so players jumped on it. Soon after, they demanded WotC that want the format on Arena so as to offer an alternative to standard, mainly when the format was in the wrong spot. This brought the new format to a new digital client, spawned the release of Amonkhet Remastered to shrunk the two Amonkhet blocks into one while also adding some new cards.

Now in 2021, we will have Time Spiral Remastered, which can be played following the same rules. There is not much to talk about it other than the three sets of Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight, all distilled into one. However, this time they are adding in the separate Timeshifted that Time Spiral had. But instead of featuring the same old cards, we will get all new reprints in the old frame.

It includes Chalice of the Void, Path to Exile, and Relentless Rats are all in the glorious old border. The striking aspect of this set is it is coming out in the paper, which means the Remastered set is a reality now, and we might see more in the future.

So, what Time Spiral Remastered will look like?

My mind is spinning, trying to predict what Time Spiral Remastered may look like.

Old Border Frames

Since we all know that the set will feature cards from all three sets, containing cameos. ” A card per pack will be in the old card frame. It means like the original Time Spiral where you had one old border card per pack. These one pack per card are a careful selection of cards, much like the original Time Spiral “outside the set” sheet. Aka, the List.

The cards will be based on the given information, most likely to be from outside Time Spiral. Chalice of the Void card is already spoiled as an old-frame artifact reprint belongs from Mirrodin and is one of the most expensive artifacts. Obviously, old-border artifacts are a considerable subject of hype on their own.

Old Border Chalice of the Void 😍

However, here is what old-border artifacts will not be included as per the predictions;

  • Cards having an existing brown-frame printing.
  • Cards reprinted in double masters.
  • Cards that are banned in any format.
  • Enchantment cards from Theros.
  • DFC artifacts.
  • Colored artifacts.

The Future Prediction

According to Scryfall, all the blocks (Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight) will add 752 cards. A recent example of such a reprint set, Amonkhet Remastered, clocks in at 364. Considering Amonkhet, it is possible that we are likely to see half of the cards culled. The first among them will be old-boarder Timeshifted cards, making room for brand new old-border cards.

The next ones for removal would be some janky callback mechanics. The most significant appeal and critique of Time Spiral is a number of its long-unused abilities and rules. It includes Shadow, Flashback, Flanking, Storm, Poisonous, etc.

Color shifted Cards

Ha! More damning is Planar Chaos color-shifted cards. The most expensive one of these is Damnation. I’m sure that the card will see print in the original frame. The rest of the cards, like Prodigal Pyromancer and Serra Sphinx, however, are insider callbacks.

There are various other cycles that we are sure to see reprinted. It includes Charm cycles like Dawn Charm; The Spellshaper Token Cycle like Llanowar Mentor; The Suspend Callback Cycle like Restore Balance; Suspend Self-Recurring Cycle like Cyclical Revolution, and three Magus Cycles (Artifacts, Magnus of the Disk, Enchantments, Magnus of the Library, and Land, Magnus of the Coffers). As a very far fetched hope, color-shifted legendries would be delicious.

Where is my Mono-Black Omnath, Locus of Mana?

It is hard to go through the remaining hundreds of cards without properly diving on Draft Chaff, Limited glue, and Archetype support. However, Time Spiral Remastered likely resembles the bizarre mélange of reprint sets, such as Mystery Booster and Modern Horizons, because the sets were inspired by entrenched player focus and experimental madness of Time Spiral.

Wrapping Up

That is all about Time Spiral Remastered. It will be resealed in 2021, becoming the first Remastered set to appear in paper-only. Moreover, featuring fan favorites Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight, you will experience Time Spiral bloc in a whole new way. The product isn’t going to be standard-legal and will not be coming to MTG Arena.

You can guarantee ill be throwing some of these packs in our monthly subscription boxes!


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